C-PACE Funding Program


The C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) Nation sponsored financing program is revolutionizing the way energy efficient equipment is being financed in the US.

Founded in 2009, the program has provided nearly $900 million in funding of commercial projects, of which $600 million has been provided in the last two years.

The C-PACE Program can be used for retrofits, rebuilds and new construction.

The Basics

The project cost is funded by a C-PACE Lender and repaid through a surcharge assessed to the owner’s property taxes.

The assessment is established by Statewide legislation sponsored by the local taxing authority.

It is assessed to recover 100% of the project costs over periods between 20 – 30 years.

The assessment is attached to the property/building and remains an obligation that survives foreclosure, bankruptcy and sales to others.

How to Use It

First, determine if C-PACE is available where the project is located. Use our Search Tool.

If C-PACE is available, you can generate a C-PACE Funding Proposal from the Sales Tool Input Page.

Supplement the C-PACE Funding Proposal with Handouts and Case Studies that are customized for your customer’s business (see below).

The C-PACE Funding Proposal will automatically include a C-PACE Application. If you wish to share it with your customer without providing a funding proposal, click here.

C-PACE Funding is especially effective when combined with the
EnFlux Project Savings Analysis

This will show your customer how your project will increase their annual cash flow since energy and maintenance savings
will virtually always exceed low C-PACE payments that are spread out over 20 years.

Why Your Customers Like C-PACE

C-PACE lenders do not have the ability to accelerate the repayment obligation. CFOs will love this feature.

The 20-year term enables the project to generate immediate positive cash flow.
If your customer decides to sell the property, future assessments will become an obligation of the buyer.

There are NO financial covenants burdening your customer’s financial and operating flexibility.

Scroll below to find C-PACE for CFOs which you can download and share with your customers.

How Do You Benefit?

You’ll have a happy customer if you introduce a unique funding solution.

More of your proposed projects will generate an immediate increase in your customer’s net cash flow.

Low annual payments from the 20+ year financing term are virtually always covered by energy and maintenance savings.


Where can I Use C-PACE?

The PACE Assessment is established by state legislature, but is enabled only if adopted by the local taxing authority (county or municipality). The program is Active (actually launched and operating) in 16 states, including D.C.

Within the Active states, PACE is established only in certain counties or municipalities. Use our Search Tool to see if C-PACE is available in the municipality in which your project is located.

Use C-PACE for These Types of Businesses and Installations

These Types of Businesses

Commercial Office Buildings
Retail Centers
Industrial Facilities
Private Schools

These Types of Installations

Energy Storage
Water Conservation
Resiliency (Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Wildfires)

C-PACE is not available for facilities owned by the US Government, States or local Municipalities.

C-PACE Handouts

The Basics
Your Discussion Guideline

This simple one-pager provides talking points for you to introduce the basics of the program to your customer.

Make sure to combine it with the C-PACE for CFOs Handout.

When generating a C-PACE Funding Proposal, the above handouts titled C-PACE The Basics and C-PACE for CFOs will be automatically included.

In the CFO’s Language
for ANY Business

This lays out the financing benefits of C-PACE in the language of the CFO.

Don’t worry about getting into the complexity of these issues.
This is where we can help you – put us in touch with the CFO and we can answer their questions.

Always combine this with C-PACE: The Basics.

Commercial Office Buildings:
Triple Net Leases

C-PACE may be able to solve the traditional misalignment that exists between building owners and tenants.

Owners operating under triple-net-leases will quickly appreciate how C-PACE might help solve a years-long dilemma for funding equipment replacements/upgrades.

Download and share these Case Studies with your customers.


C-PACE can be used for Retrofits, New Construction and Major Renovations.

New Construction Case Study Major Renovations Case Study

See below for Case Studies for Retrofits customized by business type.

Commercial Office Buildings


Industrial Businesses


Contractors here...