EnFlux Energy Supply Overview

EnFlux’s allows you to now add Energy Supply Procurement services to your product line.

Energy Supply Procurement

Businesses operating in states where energy has been deregulated have benefited from lower energy prices with the introduction of competition among suppliers.

These businesses often take an inefficient approach to purchasing energy by:

  • working with one or two large suppliers who are interested in selling only their energy, and
  • engaging brokers/consultants who work with a handful of their contacts to get the best price.

Our Procurement Platform allows contractors to provide their customers with access to a state-of-the-art online auction platform that delivers the lowest energy costs possible.

Please visit our Search Tools page to determine if your state is eligible for Procurement.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Traditional Competition: How many of your  service contractor competitors offer an energy procurement program? Stand out from the others by reducing your customer’s energy costs.

Non-Traditional Competition: ESCOs and large trading companies are invading your turf hoping to pick off your customers. But they typically push only their own energy supply. Gain the upper  hand with our auction process to obtain the lowest price from ALL suppliers.

Additional touch points with your customer

Introducing EnFlux Procurement creates additional opportunities to talk to your customer, which could uncover an opportunity  for your core business.

We do NOT try to make you an energy expert

We provide marketing material that you can easily download and use to introduce a solution to your customer.


If you have any questions about EnFlux Energy Supply please email us at energy@enfluxbuildingsolutions.com.

Two ways Procurement can help you win more projects

Offer a Total Solution with all your Project Proposals

Your replacement project proposal will lower your customer’s energy costs, but your competitors’ proposals will too.

Stand out from the competition by adding one more feature to your proposal. How?

Introduce procurement to help your customer “lock-in” their energy price so they can enjoy pricing certainty in the future.  Their operating costs will be lower and the risk of energy price volatility will be removed.

You’ve just helped your customer with a Total Solution that should make your project more appealing.

You now have a chance to solve this project killer

Have you ever had this happen?

Your customer will not agree to your project because it will lower their load to a level that it will trigger penalties under their existing energy supply contract.  This often shuts down your project.

It doesn’t have to work that way any longer – you now have a fighting chance to help your customer and save your project.  Team with us to work together on a procurement solution to reduce your customer’s pain from amending or terminating their existing contract and keep your project afloat. Contact us to learn more.

How does EnFlux work with your customer?

There are two approaches depending on how much energy they consume.

Small to medium sized energy users with a monthly energy bill of less than $15,000 would qualify for the EnFlux Instant Auction platform.

For larger sized energy users with a monthly energy bill above $15,000, please contact us directly for a customized procurement solution.

EnFlux Instant Auction

For customers with a monthly
energy spend under $15,000

Large User Procurement

For customers with a monthly
energy spend over $15,000

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