Enflux Energy Solutions

We’ve partnered with EnerNOC, a leader in energy products, to equip you with additional services you can offer your customers and prospects.

EnerNOC has agreed to an energy services program with EnFlux due to our experience in working with contractors all over the US.

They value our ability to package services that are meaningful to your customers and prospects, but easy for you to introduce.

Energy Procurement

EnerNOC works with your customer to:

  1. devise a customized energy procurement strategy
  2. create an RFP which is submitted to major suppliers, and
  3. joins your customer in their offices to hold a live online auction.

EnerNOC is the world leader in this approach conducting more than 40,000 live auctions to date. Your customer is virtually guaranteed to receive the lowest market price.

ESCOs and trading companies push ONLY THEIR OWN energy. By introducing EnerNOC, you are clearly delivering a solution that’s in the best interest of your customer.

Demand Response

EnerNOC is the market leader in Demand Response programs, through which your customer can be paid
to allow the local utility to access their excess generation.

Demand Response payments can fund that long overdue retrofit.

Click the button below to learn more about how EnerNOC’s best in class demand response program can put dollars in your customer’s pockets

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