EnFlux Finance – How it Works

Ideal for either quick or planned retrofits.

Flexible monthly payments options for 36, 48 and 60 months.

Only an application is required for projects up to $150,000.

Especially effective when combined with the EnFlux Project Savings Analysis.

Six Month Deferral Program

You can offer your customers a deferral of payments until six months after the project has been completed.

Your customer will enjoy 100% of the energy and maintenance savings during that time.

Again, make sure to include the EnFlux Project Savings analysis showing the benefits of the six month payment deferral.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Quick credit response time of three hours from time application is submitted in most cases.

Available for projects anywhere in the US.

Feel free to personalize EnFlux Finance proposals with your logo.

How Do You Benefit from Using EnFlux Finance?

Win more long term service agreements.

How many times have the large up-front cost of repairs or equipment change-outs kept your customer from entering in a long- term, fixed price service agreement?

Offer our financing program to smooth out those up-front costs.

Close More Projects

A lack of capital often stands in the way of your customer replacing their worn-out equipment.  Turn that repair into a replacement by offering a financing solution.

Combine our financing program with the EnFlux Project Savings Analysis to show your customers how annual energy and maintenance savings offset debt payments.

Get paid immediately upon completion of the project, rather than you having to pursue your customer for payment.

Use EnFlux Finance for these types of Businesses

 Commercial Office Buildings
Small Businesses
Industrial Businesses
Private Schools

Use EnFlux Finance for these types of Installations

Other similar installations

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