EnFlux Proposal Builder

Below is a brief description of each of the EnFlux Sales Tools.

Project Benefits Summary

EnFlux’s sales tools are designed to present project benefits using the language and format typically seen by the C-Suite.

It lays out project benefits based on Building Occupancy Type: Owner Occupied or Tenant Occupied.

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EnFlux Financing Proposal

  • Ideal for either quick or planned retrofits
  • Flexible monthly payments options for 36, 48 and 60 months.
  • Application only for projects up to $150,000
  • Quick credit response time of three hours from time application is submitted in most cases
  • You can create an EnFlux Finance Proposal in less than five minutes
  • Available for projects anywhere in the US.

Combine with the Enflux Saving Analysis and show your customers a picture of how project savings largely offset, or, totally cover debt payments.

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C-PACE Proposal

Ideal for planned retrofits, new construction and major renovations.

Financing term of 20+ years assures virtually all retrofits will create a positive net cash flow.

You can create a C-PACE Proposal in less than five minutes.

We ease the introduction of C-PACE by:

  • By enabling you to generate a C-PACE Proposal in less than five minutes.
  • By providing customized marketing collateral to share with your customers.

Combine with the EnFlux Savings Proposal to show how savings exceed debt payments spread out over 20 years.

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EnFlux Project Savings Analysis

Use the Project Savings Analysis to lay out your Customer’s cash flow benefits from lower energy and maintenance costs.

This is a great sales tool presented stand-alone but becomes even more compelling when combined with either of our financing programs.

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