How To Sell To the C-Suite

Selling to the C-Suite is a bit of an Art and a Science.

Just like any other buyer, the C-Suite’s attention must be captured when first exposed to an efficiency project. To do so, you must first understand their mindset. This is the Art.

Once engaged, specific selling techniques are deployed showing exactly how the project solves the company’s problems. This is the Science.  

Let’s look and the Art and Science as it relates to efficiency projects:

The Art – understanding their mindset

What are the strategic benefits of the solution?

Why should they replace vs repair?

How does their thinking vary based on:

  • whether the building is occupied by:
    – the owner, or
    – tenants – gross vs triple net leases

Will this help my relationship with tenants?

The Science – Selling techniques

Concepts to learn:

Tenant Occupied:

  • How tenants benefit from your services
  • Why understanding property leases is critical

Owner Occupied:

  • How tax benefits reduce costs by 21%
  • How to emphasize strategic benefits

Critical selling techniques – meeting with the C-Suite:

Selling techniques when meeting with the C-Suite:

  • Provided for both preventative maintenance and projects, and
  • Customized for both Owner and Tenant Occupied.

Details showing more about the Art and Science of Selling to the C-Suite are shown in the summary of our Full Boot Camp below.

For both Owner occupied and Tenant Occupied – use EnFlux’s Sales Tools to:

  • Show projects using their language
  • In a format they prefer, using their language.

EnFlux’s Sales Tools are designed to help tell your story and close more projects.

They were created specifically for positioning project benefits in the language and format preferred by the C-Suite.

Click here to learn more about EnFlux’s Sales Tools

We provide training in the Art and Science of selling to the C-Suite in Full and Partial Boot Camps. Learn more.

Learn more about our Sales Tools below:

Project Benefits Summary

The Project Benefits Summary shows CFO’s project benefits based on their Building Occupancy Type – Owner vs Tenant Occupied.
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Tax Benefit Handouts

Our tax handout explains how a corporation can reduce its project cost by 21% in the first year.
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C-PACE Financing Proposal

C-PACE financing is for building improvements greater than $250,000 in various part of U.S.
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EnFlux Project Savings Analysis

The Project Savings Analysis compares annual debt payments to the annual reductions in operating costs.
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EnFlux Finance Proposal

EnFlux Finance provides financing for smaller retrofits anywhere in the U.S.
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