How To Build A Project Benefits Summary

We purposefully created the Project Benefits Summary to provide great flexibility in how you use it.

As you see, this is a simple process which does not require you to become a finance guru.

But it WILL help you sell to one!

Note: it’s in a downloadable Excel format.

This is all you do:

Fill in the blue Inputs depending on the Building Occupancy Type – this example is for Owner Occupied.

Then, click on the Output by clicking the Owner Occupied tab at the spreadsheet.

The Output can either be:

  • Downloaded as is as a PDF, or
  • Downloaded it in an Excel format and modified as you wish.

For example, you could:

  • add your logo,
  • delete/add as needed to fit the uniqueness of your project, or
  • cut and paste the content into your company’s pre-designed format.

Click here to build a Project Benefits Summary.

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