How We Deliver Our Financial Selling Platform

Our platform is delivered through three services:


1. Up-front training via Boot Camp

2. Ongoing Support – Monthly “Deal Talk”

3. Ongoing Support – Active Deal Support

Each of these are highly complementary with one goal in mind: to empower you with the knowledge and sales tools to get CFO’s to approve your efficiency projects


1. Boot Camp – two ½ day sessions

Our Boot Camp is customized for your business with an emphasis on your customer base and the size/nature of your projects.

It provides the critical foundation for our Ongoing Support – the means through which we help you grow your business.

As described further in How to Sell to a CFO, we will teach you how getting a YES from the CFO is both an Art and a Science. The curriculum is “real-world” developed from our own experience in:

  • selling to CFO’s,
  • having been sold to as a CFO, and
  • having trained hundreds of sales professionals who provide efficiency solutions.

As you can see, the curriculum emphasizes the Art and Science and how they converge into EnFlux’s Sales Tools. The content is quite extensive.

2. Monthly “Deal Talk”

Calls with the sales organization to discuss the financial selling challenges for live projects.

Examples of questions from sales reps:

  • how do I identify strategic project benefits for an office building with triple-net-leases
  • I have an upcoming meeting with the CFO – how do I overcome their typical objections
  • can we review the Project Benefits Summary – I want to review how to run a rental income scenario

Each member of the sales organization hears the question and answers for live deals simultaneously.

3. Active Deal Support

Examples include one or all the following:

  • working with the team to establish the financial selling strategy,
  • help the sales professional prepare for a meeting with the CFO, and
  • participate in the call with the CFO.
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