How We Deliver Our C-Suite Selling Platform

Our Ongoing Coaching and Deal Support provide the foundation through which we deliver long term benefits to your business.


In order to do that, we must first provide Up-Front Training through either:

  • Full Boot Camp, or

  • Partial Boot Camp


Ongoing Coaching and Deal Support

  • Deal Talk – calls with your sales team to discuss live deals, general strategies, answer questions, various topics to update training, etc, (monthly or every other week)
  • Access to EnFlux Sales Tools
  • General support – call w/questions re topics in training, Sales Tool usage, other…
  • Deal Support – separate hourly engagement – through we join your sales team in a much more proactive role

Monthly subscription is cancellable by your company for any reason.

Subscription cost to be discussed based on size of your sales team, frequency of Deal Talk calls, and other considerations.


Up-Front Training

Full Boot Camp Training (8 hours, two ½ days or four 2-hour sessions)


Partial Boot Camp Training (4 – 6 hours, ½ day or 2-hour sessions)

  • Scope developed for that portion you select from Full Boot Camp Training

Training is customized for your business for either Full or Partial, examples:

  • More/less emphasis on projects/maintenance
  • Industry concentration
  • Availability of C-PACE financing – available in certain parts of the US
  • Focus on Tenant Occupied, or, Owner Occupied
  • More/less time on the C-Suite

Cost of Training

Base Cost of Full or Partial Training: $5,000 plus $500 per attendee (limit of 8 per training session)

If your sales team is more than 8 people, additional training sessions at a Base Cost of $3,500, plus $500 per attendee.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss how your business is unique (example: either very small or large) to discuss other arrangements.

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