Introduction to EnFlux’s Suite of Online Sales Tools

Learning the Art and Science of getting CFO’s to approve efficiency projects is essential. However, none of that matters unless you have simple-to-use tools to put this knowledge to work.

That’s why we created our online Sales Tools – to make it easy to position project benefits in a format designed specifically to capture the interest of CFO’s.

The goal is to cause the CFO to view the project as a strategic investment. If that happens, you’ve gone a long way towards getting your project approved. There is a recurring theme for all of our Sales Tools.  They’re easy to use – fill in a few blanks and hit the download button.

Don’t worry. We WILL NOT attempt to teach you how to become a finance guru. But we will absolutely show you how to sell to one!

Here they are with a brief description of each.

Project Benefits Summary

The foundation of our Financial Selling Platform.

It shows CFO’s project benefits based on their Building Occupancy Type – Owner vs Tenant Occupied.

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Financing Programs

Introduce a funding solution when there are no funds set aside in the budget.

  • EnFlux Finance: available anywhere in the US – ideal for projects from $20,000 to $1,000,000. Learn more
  • C-PACE: available in much of the US with over 2,600 deals closed to date – ideal for projects > $250,000. Learn more

Tax Handouts

Explains how a corporation can deduct 100% of project cost in Year 1.

  • A $1,000,000 project has an after – tax cost of $790,000.

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Project Savings Analysis

Compares annual debt payments the annual reductions in operating costs.

Most effective when paired with one of our Financing Programs.

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