Introduction to EnFlux’s Suite of Online Sales Tools

EnFlux’s sales tools are designed to present project benefits using the language and format typically seen by the C-Suite.

They’re perfect for presentations, and help tell your story.

Project Benefits Summary

Shows project benefits based on Building Occupancy Type – Owner Occupied or Tenant Occupied.

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Financing Programs

Introduce a funding solution when there are no funds set aside in the budget.

  • EnFlux Finance: available anywhere in the US – ideal for projects from $20,000 to $1,000,000. Learn more
  • C-PACE: available in much of the US with over 2,600 deals closed to date – ideal for projects > $250,000. Learn more

Tax Handouts

Explains how a corporation can deduct 100% of project cost in Year 1.

  • A $1,000,000 project has an after – tax cost of $790,000.

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Project Savings Analysis

Compares annual debt payments the annual reductions in operating costs.

Most effective when paired with one of our Financing Programs.

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