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EnFlux’s Financial Selling platform provides training and ongoing support to help sales organizations to get approval from CFO’s to invest in efficiency solutions projects.

Our goal is to help you grow your business by:

– closing more projects,

– upselling to larger ones, and

– shortening the sales cycle.

We have all had deals die on the CFO’s desk…

Anatomy of a Failed Sale

How many times has your team invested countless hours with your customer’s operating team – only to have the CFO say NO!

After their fifteen minute internal only meeting with the CFO, you get a call from the frustrated operating team:

“I hate to tell you this, but Corporate said no. This is the third time we’ve presented the project in the last four years. They just don’t get it!”

They aren’t the only one who is frustrated. Your team burned a lot of resources for the third time – all for yet another repair.

There has to be a better way!

There is a better way!


CFO’s often turn down efficiency investments when they may have said yes if the benefits had been presented properly.

Why does this keep happening?

We believe the main reason is that closing efficiency projects requires two vastly different types of selling skills: the Technical Sale and the Financial Sale.

1. The Technical Sale

Sales representatives are well trained in this area and have access to substantial internal/external support.

Once the Technical Sale is complete, the effort to close the project shifts 100% to seeking the approval of the CFO.

2. The Financial Sale

Sales representatives often receive little, or no training and don’t know where to turn for support.

As a result of this discrepancy in the required training,

the Financial Sale is not delivered effectively to the CFO,

and the deal fails to close.

EnFlux’s Financial Selling Platform was created to fill this void by providing training and ongoing support for the Financial Sale.

In creating our Financial Selling Platform, we relied heavily on our experience in:

  • selling to CFO’s,
  • being sold to as CFO’s, and
  • from training hundreds of sales professionals in Financial Selling in the past

How does our program work?

We train your sales organization in How to Sell to a CFO – it’s an Art and a Science.

The sales techniques learned in training are put into action through our Sales Tools which are designed specifically for CFO’s.  They are extremely simple to use – this is a recurring theme which will be repeated throughout our website.

Our Financial Selling Platform is delivered through an initial Boot Camp as well as Ongoing Support consisting of monthly “Deal Talk” and specific Deal Support.

Please feel free to hover over the boxes below for a brief description and a link taking you to where you can learn more.

How To Sell To a CFO

The Art - understanding their mindset

The Art of Selling to a CFO

How they make decisions.

What is a “strategic” investment?

Learn more

The Science - sales techniques that capture their attention

The Science of Selling to a CFO

How to engage them in a meeting. 

Mistakes to avoid.

Learn more

Sales Tools

Project Benefits Summary

Project Benefits Summary

Shows CFO’s project benefits in a format designed to capture their attention.

Learn more



Introduce one of our two funding solutions if the project isn’t in the budget.

Learn more about EnFlux Finance or C-Pace Financing.

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

Explains how a corporation can reduce its project cost by 21% in Year 1.

Learn more

Project Savings Analysis

Project Savings Analysis

Compares annual debt payments to annual project savings.

Learn more

How We Deliver Our Platform

Boot Camp

EnFlux Boot Camp

Two consecutive half-day sessions

Learn more

Ongoing Support

Monthly "Deal Talk"

Calls with the sales organization to provide financial selling tips to help close live projects.

Learn more

Deal Support

Active Deal Support

Join the deal team to help close large, challenging projects.

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Benefits of Registering

Feel free to browse the site and Register when you would like to use our Sales Tools to generate proposals for your customers.  You can also upload your company’s logo to personalize proposals.

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