Why The Project Benefits Summary Helps You Close Projects

The Project Benefits Summary
is the foundation of EnFlux’s Sales Tools.


The key to getting your project approved is
to convince the CFO it’s a
 “strategic investment.”


That’s why we created the Project Benefits Summary.

We knew it had to be simple-to-use and reveal a customized – and strategic – solution for any commercial and industrial business. The key is to position benefits to the CFO based on how the building is occupied – by the owners or by tenants.

Moreover, for tenant-occupied buildings, benefits are different for gross versus triple-net leases.

The Project Benefits Summary considers all of these factors and matches:

Project Benefits:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Reduction in operating expenses
  • Increase in rental income


Building Occupancy Type:

Owner-occupied, or

– Gross leases
– Triple-net leases

It’s easy to use. All you do is fill in a few blanks and the Project Benefits Summary automatically allocated Project Benefits based on the Building Occupancy Type.

It does the work for you!

Two ways to use Project Benefits Summary during the sales process.  


1. Land a meeting with the CFO

Landing a meeting with the CFO is often difficult. If a gatekeeper is blocking your access, convince them to share the Project Benefits Summary with the CFO.

It might be your only chance to influence the outcome of the internal meeting, even though you weren’t there.

Hopefully, when the CFO reviews the Project Benefits Summary, it piques their interest enough to ask for a meeting with you.

2. A presentation guide in your meeting with the CFO

It lays out project benefits in a way preferred by CFO’s. It’s short and not technically oriented, both of which are important. An example is below.

Why do CFO’s Like the Project Benefits Summary?

First of all, it’s on one-page and written in their language.

Second, it conveys the “strategic” benefits of the project based on how their building is occupied.

Examples of this concept are shown below.

When do owners benefit directly from a reduction in operating expenses

Obviously, it’s the owners if they occupy their own buildings. The same is true for owners of tenant occupied buildings, but only if tenants are under Gross Leases!

When do owners benefit from an HVAC upgrade in tenant occupied buildings?

  • with respect to retaining and attracting new tenants, owners benefit regardless of whether they use gross or triple-net-leases, however,
  • with respect to raising rents, owners using triple-net-leases benefit because their property becomes more attractive to existing/prospective tenants who enjoy lower operating costs in a comfortable environment.

These concepts are shown below in a simplified format.

Click here to build a Project Benefits Summary.

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