Why The Project Benefits Summary Helps You Close Projects

Presenting your project as a “strategic investment” is the key to convincing the C-Suite to say YES.


That’s why we created the Project Benefits Summary, which is designed with two key features:

  1. It’s presented in the language and format used by the C-Suite, and
  2. Project benefits are customized based on building occupancy, as shown below.

Two ways to use Project Benefits Summary during the sales process.  


1. Land a meeting with the C-Suite

Landing a meeting with the C-Suite is often difficult. If a gatekeeper is blocking your access, convince them to share the Project Benefits Summary with the C-Suite.

Hopefully, when the C-Suite reviews the Project Benefits Summary, it piques their interest enough to ask for a meeting with you.

2. A presentation guide in your meeting with the C-Suite

It lays out project benefits in a way preferred by C-Suite executives. It’s short and not technically oriented, both of which are important.

How To Build a Project Benefits Summary

We purposefully created the Project Benefits Summary in an Excel format to provide great flexibility in how you use it.

All you do is fill in the blue Inputs depending on the Building Occupancy Type – this example is for Owner Occupied.

Then, click on the Output by clicking the Owner Occupied tab at the spreadsheet.

The Output can either be used stand alone, or modified as you wish.

For example, you could:

  • add your logo,
  • delete/add as needed to fit the uniqueness of your project, or
  • cut and paste the content into your company’s pre-designed format.

Contact us for a demonstration.

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