Help Customers Beat the Heat – Financing for HVAC Retrofits

The time is fast approaching where your phone will be ringing off the wall. Your customer’s old broken down HVAC system is begging for mercy. Tenants are complaining. It happens every summer.

Don’t wait for this call…

“My a/c is on the blink again and my tenants are complaining.
Can you be out here tomorrow to fix it?”

You’ve been out to their facility the past two summers. Your customer complained each time they were presented with a sky-high repair bill. You both know at least three of the rooftop units need to be changed out. As in the past, the cost of replacing them likely didn’t make its way into this year’s budget.

Get ahead of the curve. Present your customer a financing option before you get the call. If you wait until it breaks down, the situation might be dire enough to force an immediate repair if they can’t wait for the new equipment to be delivered and installed. Being proactive can make the difference in turning the repair into a replacement.

How do you introduce financing?

Call your finance provider and ask them for a proposal to replace the equipment. Share it with your customer. Be proactive. They will appreciate it. If you don’t have a trusted finance provider, call us.

We can show you how to generate a financing proposal in ~ 3 minutes using one of our most popular online sales tools. All you need to do is fill out a short registration. It’s free and you can even upload your logo to brand the proposal.

This two-minute video shows you how easily you can generate a proposal using our EnFlux Finance program.



EnFlux provides 100% financing with no money down. The process is simply and quick which is essential for summer change-outs.

EnFlux Finance Quick Process

  • Simple, one-page application.
  • No financial statements needed generally for projects of $150,000 or less.
  • Credit answer reached same or next day – in some cases it may take a little longer depending on the customer’s credit.
  • Simple financing agreement sent to customer after approval. They sign and return.
  • A purchase order is issued for the equipment.
  • After installation, your customer verifies the installation was satisfactory and you get paid immediately.

No more waiting on the invoice to be paid or pursuing your customer for payment.

Customers Can Delay their First Payment Six Months

For projects completed after August 1, your customer has the option to delay payments until 2020 – this removes debt repayments from their 2019 budget. Your customer can also enjoy the reduction in their energy costs with no associated debt payments for six months.

This is a win-win. Your customer avoids a costly repair. Their tenants/employees are happy. Payments don’t start until next year’s budget. You have a happy customer, closed a new project and were paid immediately upon completion of the installation.

As mentioned earlier, use your existing finance provider if you’re comfortable with them and if they can execute a financing for a quick change-out. If not, give EnFlux a try.

EnFlux also offers the C-PACE program which has been used to fund over 2,200 projects including efficiency, renewables and the “green elements” of new development and redevelopment projects. EnFlux partners with Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate, LLC in introducing and delivering the C-PACE program. See below.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Larry Derrett, Founder and CEO of EnFlux Building Solutions at 713.714.0575, or,

EnFlux Building Solutions has partnered with Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate, LLC to introduce C-PACE financing to its business partners and potential clients around the US. EnFlux provides a range of capital solutions including C-PACE and a separate program for retrofits anywhere in the US.

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate, LLC is a private capital provider that specializes in Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. The firm’s management team has over 100 years of combined real estate and financial experience focused on making the economics of sustainable real estate work.

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About the author: Larry Derrett is the founder and CEO of EnFlux Building Solutions, which provides contractors with access to financing, energy solutions, and online sales tools to help them win more business. Larry brings a unique perspective to financial selling having sat on both sides of the desk as a banker and a CFO. In addition, he has a very strong background in developing financial selling techniques for clean energy projects ranging from a simple $10,000 change out to projects for hundreds of millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies. For three years, he led the financial structuring group at Enron Energy Services working solely on the origination side of the business helping clients understand the importance of allocating capital to energy efficiency projects. Upon the demise of Enron, he formed HVAC Capital Corp whose clients included large mechanical contractors with a national footprint. HVAC Capital provided a finance program that contractors could access to offer financing to their customers for replacement projects. During this time, Mr. Derrett trained hundreds of sales reps at mechanical contractors on the finer points of incorporating financial selling into their sales process.