Energy Procurement with EnFlux Instant Auction

EnFlux Instant Auction provides a unique platform for energy users who consume less than 1.5 million kilowatts per year.  On a monthly basis, this equals an energy bill of around $15,000.

EnFlux Instant Auction

Why Use EnFlux Instant Auction?

Imagine implementing a simple online process that quickly provides competitive pricing from the largest energy suppliers serving your market.  You simply can not do this on your own or by working with a broker with only a handful of suppliers.

How do you implement EnFlux Instant Auction?

If you are interested in EnFlux Instant Auction, implementation is easy. First, you simply supply the following:

  • energy bills for each of your last three months; and,
  • the termination date of your existing supply contract.

Email these to us at We will follow up with you directly.

We will walk you through how to obtain bids using the EnFlux Instant Auction platform, which solicits real-time, online bids from competing suppliers.

The process is very simple; just fill out the information below.

You will instantly see the lowest bids for 12, 24 and 36 months.  An example is provided below.

You can then filter all the bids submitted based on length of term, lowest price per kwh, or maximum savings.  In this example, the lowest price per kwh filter was selected.  By sorting in this manner, you can pick the optimal combination of term and pricing to fit your needs.

Once you select the supplier, we work with them to provide other information to be included in the supplier’s contract.  When submitted, you will receive a completed contract in ~ five minutes. Just sign and forward to the supplier.

The contract is sent to the supplier for review of credit and when satisfied, a fully executed contract is sent to you.

It’s really that simple.

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