EnFlux Finance

The Basics

  • Ideal for either quick or planned retrofits
  • Flexible monthly payments options for 36, 48 and 60 months.
  • Application only for projects up to $150,000
  • Quick credit response time of three hours from time application is submitted in most cases

How it Helps your Business

100% Financing

Unlike bank financing, which often requires a large down payment and excludes soft costs, we can finance the entire installation with no down payment.

We Specialize in Financing Mechanical Systems

This is all we do. Most finance companies will not finance replacements of mechanical systems due to an abundance of soft costs and lack of understanding of the equipment. We deal with these issues every day resulting in a smoother closing process for you.

Six-Month Deferral Program

If you wish, payments can commence six months after the installation is complete.

Enjoy 100% of energy and maintenance savings for six months.


No Consent Required from Your Mortgage Lender

Avoid the hassle of seeking waivers or consents from your mortgage lender.

Preserve Equity

Are funds reserved for mechanical system replacement? Distribute those funds elsewhere to earn higher returns.

Sometimes partnerships face difficulty obtaining approval amongst the other owners for an equipment replacement.

Third party financing can solve many of these issues.

Satisfy Energy Efficiency Compliance Requirements

Use our program to to meet local, LEED or Energy Star requirements.

EnFlux Finance is ideal for other businesses as well



Dedicate more capital to upgrading medical equipment to keep your institution up to date with the latest technology.

Small Business

Small Business

Solve your budgeting problems with 100% financing of hard AND soft costs of the installation.

Preserve Borrowing Capacity

Enables you to save your bank line for your core revenue generating activities.

Other Businesses

Other Business

Our financing program is available for other types of businesses including:
Multifamily, Hotels, Non-Profits, Industrial, Large Churches, Retail Centers.

Use EnFlux Finance for these types of businesses and installations

These Types of Businesses

Commercial Office Buildings
Retail Centers
Industrial Facilities
Private Schools

These Types of Installations

Energy Storage
Water Conservation

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