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Some of our services are available only in certain parts of the country.

Although we describe those areas in the relevant pages on the site, we have created a Search Tool you can use to simplify your understanding.


In some cases, C-PACE is available statewide, but in other states it is available only in certain counties. Also, while it could be available in a County, it isn’t necessarily available in each city in the county. We help you sift through this.

Energy Procurement is available only in states that have deregulated the price of power and/or gas. Some of the states have deregulated both power and gas while others have deregulated just one of the two, in which case you can contact us as to availability.

EnFlux Finance is available anywhere in the US.




  • Electricity
  • Electricity & Gas
  • Gas Limited
  • Electricity & Gas Limited

Demand Response

Demand Response

How to use the Search Tool

The map provides a snapshot of the products available in each state.

C-PACE: is generally not available for all the municipalities in a state so we have created a tool to help you search. See the below to search. Please note C-PACE is available anywhere in the District of Columbia so it does not appear in the search. Also, C-PACE does not provide a separate PDF for California because of the size of the file. See further below to search in California.

Search PDF

To search the PDF, click on the magnifying glass in the upper left hand portion of the file, click it and enter in the name of the Municipality.

Since there is no available PDF for California, you can use the C-PACE map to do a filtered search.

See below to do a filtered search in California.

Learn how to do a filtered search in California

If the municipality does not appear in either of the search methods above, C-PACE is not active in that area.

Energy Procurement: the range of services varies state to state. Some states are electricity or gas only, some are both and some have availability on a limited basis. Contact Enflux if you wish to provide a proposal in a state with limited services.

Demand Response: is generally state-wide so you can rely solely on the US map.

If you do not have the search terms in Acrobat or are unsure as to how to use it, email us at and we will provide a PDF of the munipalities for that State.

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