EnFlux Financing Quote

  • Benefits of Our Financing Program:

    • Reductions in energy and maintenance costs will substantially offset or totally cover debt service
    • No upfront capital outlay which preserves liquidity for your core business.
  • Six Easy Steps to Close:

    1. Fill out the application and email it to finance@enfluxbuildingsolutions.com
    2. Once we receive the application, we will quickly review it and contact you if there is a need for additional information.
    3. In many cases, projects < $150,000 can be approved within three hours.
    4. You will be contacted if there are any questions or a need for other information.
    5. Upon obtaining credit approval, you would sign a short two-page financing agreement.
    6. Your contractor will begin the installation process and when completed to your satisfaction, you would sign a short acceptance certificate.
    Information included herein is for discussion purposes only and all proposals are subject to credit approval and complete due diligence.
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