Win More HVAC Replacement Projects by Telling the Story on One Page

Will you invest 5 minutes to increase your chances of success each time you bid a project?

Include the EnFlux Project Savings Analysis with every bid. You will close more deals. This is what it looks like.

All of you have experienced this:

You’ve just finished the sales pitch for a replacement project.  It’s a great deal, but the meeting didn’t go so well.  Confusion reigned on your customer’s face much of the time.  Were they distracted, or did they just not get it?  None of that mattered once you heard “let’s just repair it.” You then saw their body language change. They were ready to move on.

You walked out frustrated, replaying what just happened. You saw the turning point when they said: “I sorta hear what you’re saying that the economics are great – but there are a lot of moving pieces. I don’t doubt you, but I just can’t see it.  I’m not getting the big picture”.  Everything changed after that – and there are no mulligans.

A picture is worth a thousand words
and many thousands of dollars.

That’s why we created the EnFlux Project Savings Analysis.  On one page, your customer can see how annual energy and maintenance savings partially or totally cover debt payments.  We’ve heard from contractors again and again that the Project Savings Analysis was THE difference in winning the deal.

Let’s look at the examples below showing how the Project Savings Analysis tells the story:

Let’s go back to what we mean by investing 5 minutes.  That’s how long it takes to fill out the online Enflux Project Savings Analysis. Personalize it with your logo and submit it with every one of your projects. It won’t be the difference maker every time, but you are bound to increase your project sales if you include this with all your bids.

Better yet, combine it with one of our EnFlux Financing programs to overcome yet another hurdle in closing project sales. Even if your customer does not agree to do the project, you will impress them and stand out from competitors.

How do you use the EnFlux Project Savings Analysis?  See these two very short videos.

First, see Meet Our Products for an overview and learn how to navigate the EnFlux Building Solutions website.


Second, see Project Savings Analysis and learn how easy it is to create.


EnFlux: repackaging the complex into easy to use sales tools

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We look forward to working with you to grow your business.  Thank you.